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# cant

What have they done to you?

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"I strangle her, Francis. So she doesn’t strangle me." (for fran)

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penny dreadful meme; four characters

as you grow up, you’ll learn we all do things which cause us s h a m e. sins we have committed.         [victor frankenstein]

The King’s Speech (UK - USA - Australia, 2010)

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Clois Multiverse is the best!!! I love my otp ♥


He looked out over the fields and buildings, the crofts and the roads, then looked down, a smile suddenly curving the wide mouth. 

"And you, my sassenach? What were you born for?"

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His hands on my shoulders raised me, enough to see his face. Through the haze of tears, I saw the look he wore in battle, of struggle that had passed the point of strain and become calm certainty. “I believe you,” he said firmly. “I dinna understand it a bit - not yet - but I believe ye. Claire, I believe you! Listen to me! There’s the truth between us, you and I, and whatever ye tell me, I shall believe it.” 

"But you can’t believe me."
"Ye’ll no tell me what I canna do, Sassenach."